In the ten years following the death of their son Trent, Curtis and Kathi Thompson have had the privilege of sharing their message of Trent’s exemplary life with more than 26,000 High School students and youth groups from California to Utah.  While speaking in the school environment, the Thompsons were limited in the sharing of their healing experiences.  “Not being able to share our faith in the Savior Jesus Christ on this journey has been very difficult.  Many students would approach us after our presentation and share how they felt Trent’s presence as we spoke.  It wasn’t just Trent’s presence they were feeling”, Kathi Thompson.





    Now, in their new book “Working Both Sides of the Veil”, they share their inspiring message of courage, strength, personal change and success while instilling powerful principles and light into one’s life.  Now, through their own words they share the strength they’ve gained through their faith in Jesus Christ.  This book truly is “The Remarkable story of Trent “The Saint” Thompson”.

    The Thompsons open their hearts and share their very personal and spiritual journey while enduring such a tragic loss of a loved one.  “Our faith has never wavered and continues to grow, but the hole in our heart will never be filled until that day comes when we can again hold our son in our arms.  That day will come, but awaits us on the other side of the veil”, Curtis Thompson.