From  2003 to 2012
The Thompson’s provided a
Scholarship Program in Trent’ s Honor.

A Trent Thompson Memorial Scholarship Fund was set up by Clovis West High School.  Scott Dille presented a Memorial Scholarship plaque to Trent’s family to be placed in the main office of Clovis West High School.

Trent “The Saint” Thompson<br />
July 18, 1984 – April 24, 2003

Trent “The Saint” Thompson
July 18, 1984 – April 24, 2003

Son, brother, friend and teammate.  Trent was loved and respected by all.

We will miss Trent’s loving heart, his tenderness, his beautiful smile, and his words of comfort and encouragement.   His caring nature and commitment to family and school was an encouragement for others.  His passion for life touched so many, he left this world a better place.

 Trent Thompson Scholarship Recipients Prerequisites

The Thompson family carefully considered many wonderful students each year to receive the Trent Thompson Memorial Scholarship.  There were four prerequisites for deciding which student is to receive this scholarship. 

  1. A student who has strong work ethic as a student athlete who is willing to sacrifice all for the team’s success.
  2. A student who has a dedication to scholastic achievement.
  3. A student of faith who has the moral courage to do what is right.|
  4. A student willing to give service to others while humbly standing as a leader
    among their peers.                                                        

A memorial would mean very little if it didn’t also require a remembrance of its’ namesake.  A student whose life paralleled the character and personality of Trent was the fifth qualifier and measuring stick used to select the recipients.



Ali Orlich and The Thompsons 2012

2012 Recipient: Ali Orlich and The Thompsons