Trent Blaine Thompson


Both Sides of the Veil

A Journal Record of Compensating Blessings.

The Remarkable Story of Trent “The Saint” Thompson

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When I met Trent my goal was no different, connect with him, teach him, coach him, and prepare him for a bright and beautiful future.  However, Trent Thompson was different.  Period. 

Yes, I connected with Trent, very much so, and quite possibly more than I have with any other student.  The difference lies in the fact that in this case Trent made the impact—it was he who taught me.  What you are about to read are the stories of the countless times Trent Thompson made an impact in the lives of others, adult and child alike.   He reversed the role on me, and the relationship we had made my life better.

Remarkably, for a person his age, he did the same with students from all backgrounds; popular or unpopular, rich or poor, athlete or not.  There was something special about Trent and it was manifested in his words and actions with others.

—Scott Dille
Principal at Clovis North High School, Clovis Unified School District

My Family

For the past ten years Curtis and Kathi Thompson have had the opportunity to speak to over 26,000 students, parents, teachers, and administrators in the Clovis Unified and Fresno Unified School Districts in Central California. 

Their presentations are effective in classroom settings, Assemblies, Leadership Classes and Conferences, Senior Meetings or other school activities.  Their goal is to assist individuals, families and groups, in the development of leadership skills and character, while helping to encourage strong family relationships and values.

My Liife

As an example of great integrity, morality, and love, Trent Thompson lived his life in service to others and

will forever be remembered as the inspiration for the phrase C.A.S.H.! By using this motto in his daily interactions Trent gained the treasure of friendships and respect, treasures beyond material value.

C –  Compliment
A – Ask Questions
S – Smile
H – Say “Hi”





The Journey

They say we can never truly count the ripple affect a tiny pebble has on a vast body of water, just as we can never fully know the positive impact one life can have on so many others or for how many  generations. Through the eloquent and beautiful example of his life, Trent reminds us all of the power we each have within us to have a positive impact on this world and to… “LEAVE IT BETTER.”